Beginner Driver Education Program

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What We Offer

Our Training

Our Driving Schools are always looking for new students to join our elite Beginner driver program. Do you have a teen or loved one that is considering driver education? Check out our driver training programs and fees above for more information.Sign up for Driving School today!

Highway Safety

We make sure that you drive safely on highways. We teach:

  • Obeying speed limit
  • Yielding to other road users
  • Checking blind spots
  • Wearing seatbelts
  • Child car seats and booster seats
  • Do’s and Don’ts on highways

Customized Programs

Our goal is to make Ontario roads as safe as possible.

  • We effectively prepare our students for their road tests and Train the safe and responsible drivers of tomorrow.
  • Our Instructors are highly trained.
  • Provide Flexible Schedules

Traffic Rules Test

We appointed highly trained instructors to make sure that you are well-versed with all the Traffic Rules when you finish your course. They will give 100% effort to provide knowledge of traffic rules that helps you clear your test.

Driving Tip:Be familiarize yourself with the area you will be taking your test. Make note of speed limits and street signs.

Smart Learning
With Advance Learning Programs

At Ultimate Drivers, we like to ensure that our students get the best quality road training during their driving sessions. Their safety on the road is of utmost importance to us. We offer Advance Driving Program along with the standard BDE Course. The package will involve 5 full hours of in-vehicle instruction that will cover the following maneuver.


Shoulder Drop off

Students will learn how to recover and control vehicle if it drifts or drops onto a gravel shoulder.


Head-On Collision Avoidance

We teach students how to control during Head-On Collision and get out of the way from it.


Emergency Escape Route

We effectively teach students to look properly and to prepare for their drive ahead which is essential on the road to good driving skills.


Brake and Avoid (Threshold Braking)

Learn how Threshold Braking should bring you to a reasonably quick controlled stop in your own lane, even in slippery conditions.